About Our scholarships

Mendez Scholarships Non-Profit recognizes that our candidate applicant’s on-going servant leadership is one of the key elements in our long-term success. Our hope is to play a small; but, important role in helping build their academic success. Whether our candidate applicants are in a four-year business, engineering, or pharmacy program, we strive to deliver integrity in our scholarship review process to meet and exceed their tuition funding needs provided they demonstrate on-going verifiable servant leadership.


Step 1 – prospective applicants may introduce yourselves via our online form using your university domain address (NO AOL, GMAIL, HOTMAIL, MSN, YAHOO, or public email domains accepted).


Step 2 – prospective applicants must state in your online introduction the academic program you are actively-attending, your year in the program, and your university’s name.


Step 3 – prospective applicants must provide a current, on-going servant leadership example either in a community, in the workplace, or on-campus.

Please note: volunteering is not servant leadership per our criteria.

Step 4 – prospective applicants please wait for our reply either inviting you to apply or encouraging you to gain servant leadership experience or advising you that your academic program is outside of business, engineering, and pharmacy.

Funding servant leaders