Praise God, that through His Divine blessings Mendez Scholarships Non-Profitâ„  offers two memorial scholarships: one in recognition of Julio Cesar Mendez (Engineering), and one in recognition of Dr. Georgina Sanchez Mendez (Pharmacology); and one mentoring scholarship after John L Mendez (Business). We do not serve academic programs outside of business, engineering, and pharmacology!

Undergraduate students enrolled in major course-work of either 12 full-time semester hours or at least 6 part-time hours; and graduate/post-graduate students enrolled in 9 full-time semester hours or at least 5 part-time hours, in accredited U.S.A. universities, may apply. Make sure to read our entire website before applying: our faith-based mission is to fund academic servant leaders! Scholarship recipients demonstrate they are more interested in, and feel a great joy in, serving the needs of "those who have less" ~


Kindly be patient as we are a small self-funded, academic non-profit whose selection process takes upwards of sixty (60) days. Unless a prospective scholarship applicant FIRST uses the email form below to introduce themselves to Mendez Scholarships Non-Profit their application package will be returned to sender ~


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