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When we state that we fund servant leaders, we stand by our fifteen-plus year’s history of awarding merit-based scholarships to those business, engineering, and pharmacology undergraduate and post-graduate university students with verifiable servant leadership examples. Our criteria is not your religious faith; but, whether you submit current, on-going verifiable examples of proactively serving those who have less on-campus, in a community or in your work-place! Volunteering is an early strong indicator of future servant leaders; but volunteering in and of itself is not servant leadership as per our criteria. Please use our online Servant Leadership Scholarship Introduction form below. During each summer our online introduction form is not available please be patient if you land on this page during those three months.

introducing yourself

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We receive a very large volume of online introductions. Please make certain you meet our clearly stated academic and servant leadership criteria before introducing yourself! First impressions are important; therefore, use our Servant Leadership Scholarship Introduction Online Form to present an your current or on-going servant leadership in the most easily readable writing style. This streamlines our initial review and reply to your introduction :^) We encourage using the Point, Evidence, Explain and Link (PEEL) Paragraph format. Remember that only university-based email addresses will be replied to. Be certain never to use an email address from Facebook, Google or Yahoo!

important disclosure

Mendez Scholarships Non-Profit complies with federal government laws that every university student invited to apply for a scholarship has legal federal citizenship or residency status in the United States of America. Please make certain you meet this requirement.

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For 2019, Mendez Scholarship Non-Profit’s Servant Leadership Scholarship Introduction Online Form is accepting introductions through June 30, 2019. Submit only one time, please!