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current, on-going servant leadership example(s) serving those who have less

When we state that we fund servant leaders, our nineteen-plus years history serves as our testament of consistently awarding merit-based scholarships to those business, engineering, pharmacology and hopefully soon refugee protections undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate university students with verifiable servant leadership examples. When you introduce yourself take note that, our criteria is not your religious faith; but, whether you submit current, on-going leadership examples of serving those who have less on-campus, in a community or in your work-place that will encourage us to invite you to apply for a scholarship. Volunteering is an early strong indicator of future servant leaders; but while commendable volunteering in and of itself is not servant leadership per our criteria.

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We receive a large volume of online introductions. Make certain you meet our clearly stated academic and servant leadership criteria! Using our Servant Leadership Introduction Online Form, briefly state your current or on-going servant leadership in an easily readable writing style. We encourage introductions using the Point, Evidence, Explain and Link (PEEL) five-sentence paragraph format. Avoid detailed past examples of volunteering or general organizational descriptions and goals. Focus only on your current, on-going servant leadership example. Online introductions are not scholarship applications. Méndez Scholarship Non-Profit will review your introduction to determine whether to invite the applicant to apply for a scholarship provided the above criteria is met and the example is on-going.

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Méndez Scholarship Non-Profit does not require fees at any stage of a student’s inquiry into, or application for, a scholarship.

Méndez Scholarships Non-Profit complies with UK and USA federal laws that university students invited to apply for a scholarship have legal citizenship or residency status in their host nation.

Only UK or USA-based university email addresses accepted and replied.

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For this academic year, Méndez Scholarship Non-Profit is temporarily not accepting introductions.